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Snailax Full Body Massager Major Competitor Brand
✅ Eight Shiatsu Rollers ❌ Four Shiatsu Rollers
✅ Deep Tissue Capabilities ❌ Only Shiatsu
✅ Adjustable & Orbital Neck Massager ❌ No Neck Massager
✅ Air Massage & Vibration ❌ Only Vibration
✅ Full Body ❌ Only Back
✅ Universal Fit ❌ Is A Dedicated Chair
✅ 30 Day, 90 Day & 24 Month Warranty ❌ No Warranty
Coupon Code Saving 35% ❌ No Coupon Code

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When it comes to the Snailax Full Body Massager - they really mean full body. Snailax - the Ann Arbor, Michigan USA based company - has been in the back massager business a long time now & caries a variety of quality products. Their Full Body Massager has a full list of features & functionality. All of which takes this massager to a whole new level, allowing potentially anyone to enjoy the benefits of a custom massage routine at home & on demand.

Body Contouring Shape With Heat

There are eight pliant shiatsu rollers in the back massager pad that mold around your back & body contours, providing a deep tissue massage. Contouring to your shape is important, but these nodes also offer optional infrared heat therapy for an immersive relaxation experience.

The practice of heat therapy has been around since 500 B.C., when ancient Egyptian doctors first used it. The method still remains in use today, in 2020, because it is a tried-and-true method of pain relief with thousands of years of successful application.

Some of the Benefits of Heat Therapy Include:

  • Enhanced Blood Flow
  • Loosen Muscle Stiffness
  • Alleviate Back Pains
  • Boost the Elasticity of Collagen Tissues

Types of Issues Heat Therapy is Helpful for Include:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Arthritis
  • Various Joint & Muscle Problems

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Image Courtesy of : Snailax.com
Image Courtesy of : Snailax.com

I know some people just want a link recommendation & want to do their own research, so here you go!

SNAILAX Full Body Massager with Air Compress Kneading & Heat- 236
Upgrade Full Back Massager with Heat - Snailax Massage Chair Pad features 8 upgraded flexible shiatsu rollers to better fit full-back and body curves, that delivers relaxing deep tissue massage for the whole back. The shiatsu nodes with optional infrared Heat therapy helps improve blood flow, deli…
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Adjustable Neck Massager

The neck massager features four shiatsu rotation apex nodes that rub and knead deeply at your neck and shoulders. There is an upward and downward adjustment for the neck shiatsu nodes to fit each person. There is also an adjustment in the form of a removable flap that allows you to choose an intense or softer neck and shoulder massage.

A neck massage may sound like something trivial, but there are some remarkable benefits of receiving neck massages :

  • Alleviating muscle tightness and soreness
  • Relieving migraine headaches
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Builds the immune system

This back massager can do a lot more for you than just relaxation!

Back pain is a VERY annoying problem. I alleviate mine with my full body massager!
Back pain is a VERY annoying problem. I alleviate mine with my full body massager!

Air Massage & Vibration

The massage seat features air compression massage for buttocks support and vibration massage to loosen the muscles, both adjustable to three different levels. Air compression is a relatively new type of massage that uses pressurized air to massage your muscles and skin. The air compression feels as though you are receiving a massage from your own personal masseur skilled in lymphatic massage.

Benefits of compressed air massage include:

  • Overall wellness felling in body
  • Reduces swelling
  • Boosts blood flow
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Removes toxins from your body
  • Stops excess fluid collection
  • Makes connective tissue stronger
  • Tones skin

Vibration therapy is a massage modality that uses vibrations to push the skin and muscle in upwards and downwards motions; this creates shaking movements which can be extremely therapeutic and relaxing.
Vibration massage therapy is known to evoke a state of deep relaxation. Don't be surprised if you find that you've drifted off to sleep!

Benefits of vibration massage therapy include:

  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Mood elevation
  • Improves muscle strength
  • Boosts blood flow
  • Body shaping
  • Fat reduction
  • Boosts metabolism
Enjoy A Full Body Back & Neck Massage At Your Desk!
Enjoy A Full Body Back & Neck Massage At Your Desk!

Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu massage therapy boosts the body's natural capabilities to heal itself.
The practice of shiatsu massage therapy was born in Japan based on Chinese medicine's foundations, with some elements from the Western world. The goal is to bear pressure on the surface of the body in various areas to remedy minor ailments and re-balance anything that is not aligned. It also enhances energy flow throughout the body and remedies any disharmony within the body.

This back massager brings the benefits of shiatsu massage therapy to you for a discount, currently 35% off. Use Coupon Code : BMM35

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Boosts blood flow
  • Headache relief
  • Aids with insomnia
  • Alleviates pain
  • Arthritis relief
  • Treats illness
  • Strengthens health and wellbeing as a whole
The Holiday Seasons are upon us. Don't worry though, a massager of this caliber is a perfect gift for anyone!
The Holiday Seasons are upon us. Don't worry though, a massager of this caliber is a perfect gift for anyone!

🎉 The Perfect Gift For Everyone 🎊

This back massager makes the perfect gift for any holiday (birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.) for adults of any age, men and women alike. Adults as young as 18 years old to senior citizens have pain and stiffness, although likely for different reasons. A young person's pain and stiffness are likely to be due to work, physical activity or athletics, while someone a little older or a senior could be having pain or stiffness related to arthritis or another ailment usually experienced by older adults.

Almost any adult has a need for this back massager at some point throughout the year, which makes it the perfect gift option for any holiday season. And remember, it's on sale right now!

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The Best Back Massager On The Market

Right now, you have the opportunity to buy my personal favorite & what I consider 2020's Best Back Massager, for 35% off using Coupon Code BMM35 at checkout. With this back massager, you are bringing all the benefits of shiatsu massage, compressed air therapy, vibration massage therapy, and heat therapy into the convenience of your own home, with the security of a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and the up to 24-month warranty. Initiate your body's ability to heal itself, boost your blood circulation, ease your pain, loosen your stiffness & experience this back massager for yourself!

Feature Re-cap

Snailax Full Body Massager
✅ Eight Shiatsu Rollers
✅ Deep Tissue Capabilities
✅ Adjustable & Orbital Neck Massager
✅ Air Massage & Vibration
✅ Full Body
✅ Universal Fit
✅ 30 Day, 90 Day & 24 Month Warranty
Coupon Code Saving 35%

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Image Courtesy of : Snailax.com