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We all know that using a massager on your tired and aching muscles can deliver rapid relief, feel fantastic, and have long-lasting benefits. However, some people don't realize that a massager can damage your musculature if not used correctly. Let's look at why you should be using a massager and the correct techniques to use one safely.

How Using A Massager Can Change Your Life

When used properly, massagers can genuinely transform your life. Routinely using a massager can increase your circulation, enhance your overall blood flow, and aid with oxygen delivery to your affected tissues, decreasing muscle tightness and promoting recovery. Not all of our muscles are the same, though, so we need to know the correct methods for targeting each specific muscle group. It's also essential that we know which massagers we should be using to target these specific muscles and why.

Relaxation & Relief
Relaxation & Relief 

Using A Back Massager for Your Back and Shoulders

More often than not, if your shoulders, upper, or lower back need relief, then you will want to use a back massager that won't require anybody to assist you. There are various kinds of back massagers available on the market, though, so which type should you choose?

Neck and Shoulder Massagers

These types of massagers go behind your neck, and they are held in place by placing your hands through two pockets. Neck and shoulder massagers specifically target the back of your neck, your shoulders, and your upper back. Ensure not to exert too much force with these massagers. They can move around a little bit, don't be scared to seek out a sweet spot, but avoid applying too much pressure as these are not deep tissue massagers, and the muscle groups in your neck are incredibly delicate.

Neck & Shoulder Pain Happens Often While Working At A Desk
Neck & Shoulder Pain Happens Often While Working At A Desk

Cushion Massagers

These back massagers sit on an existing chair or car seat. Cushion massagers are especially great at targeting your lower back muscles and glutes. Just make sure to adjust the cushion for your height so that the massage mechanism is in line with your spine, and the massager will automatically target the intended muscle groups.

Percussion and Deep Tissue Massagers

To target your arms and legs, you will need a different sort of massager. Percussion massagers, such as massage guns, can be used to increase your blood flow and improve your circulation. In contrast, deep tissue massagers work out the knots from strained, tired muscles and mitigate the discomfort caused by tissue damage. But be careful. You should never use a massager on your joints or anywhere above your neck, as this can result in injury. Here's how to properly target the muscles in your arms and legs with a percussion massager.


Move the massager along the entire length of your forearm for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Repeat several times per day if necessary.


Work the massager clockwise around your entire shoulder for about a minute and then make a few passes over the bicep with an up and down motion.

Percussion Massager On Your Thighs Is A Great Feeling After A Workout / Run!
Percussion Massager On Your Thighs Is A Great Feeling After A Workout / Run!


Run the massager from your waist down to your knee, making sure to work the entire area. Apply medium pressure and lighten the pressure if you encounter any tender spots on your thigh.


Start with light pressure on a low setting while you apply the massager to your calves' work up and down around the Achilles tendon, using more force if necessary.

Massage Chairs

These days, there are a variety of excellent massage chairs available to consumers for personal use. State of the art technology in these chairs can scan your spine and automatically target the specific muscles in need of attention or work on your entire backside from your neck down to your feet.

Full Body Massage Chair
Full Body Massage Chair
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