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Sitting on your desktop or laptop or even doing strenuous work excessively can cause extreme pain to your back. Now, especially, during the time when everything is digital, finding a way to get rid of this back pain can get tough. So, the best way to relax your back muscles is by getting your own back massager.

7 Factors to Consider In a Back Massager

While you may worry about which one to buy, there are certain things you really need to consider before buying a back massager. These things are:

1. Shape and Size

Usually, it is only that one specific area that causes back pain. It becomes necessary to ensure that your back massager is covering those points.
You need to find a back massager with a proper shape that can soothe and loosen up your back muscles. Additionally, the size should also be sufficient to cover every important point.

2. Price and Budget

Another thing you need to consider is the price and budget. Now, there are plenty of cheap and budget-friendly back massagers out there, but are they really effective? Many companies will try to lure you in with inexpensive massagers. However, it is necessary to go for quality over price. Proper back massagers have good-quality materials with durability. On the other hand, inexpensive massagers may use cheap parts made up of cheap plastic that can easily melt when heated, or the internal electronics could not be rated for prolonged vibrations. This may cause you to get it repaired repeatedly or cause you to replace the entire unit. So when I've bought my back massagers, I always think about "Is it worth spending X amount extra, or do I go with Y which is cheaper, but I'll have to replace Y in 1 year again." Usually I can justify spending X amount extra to purchase one thing for life, rather than 10 of the same item over 10 years.

Woman using a Back Massager Roller on males back

3. Durability of Back Massager

It is necessary to ensure that your back massager is durable. Now, mostly massagers that come at a standard or even a little expensive rate are quite durable. It is because the materials used are of good and sturdy quality.
However, when it comes to other massagers, the cables may also break. This can render the entire back massager useless and cost you double.

4. Massage Options

Different back massagers come with different features. Make sure you buy the one with features that suit your massage therapy the best.
For example, if you want a natural masseuse feel, you can go for the massager with the ‘Shiatsu’ feature. If you want an intense massage session, go for machines with a ‘Percussion’ feature or style.
Other features and options may include vibration, heat, kneading, etc. So, go for a massager having your type of features.

Using A Portable Massager Is Perfect For Multiple Scenarios!

5. Portability

Size and weight are also important factors before buying a back massager. If you tend to move it a lot, you need to go for a massager that is portable and light-weight.
Also, the size should be large enough to cover your back but compact enough to fit in wherever you want to place it.
You can also take a portable and lightweight back massager wherever you go on vacation. This will help you have a relaxing and soothing holiday.

Massage Right After A Workout!

6. Customization and Settings

Apart from different types of massage options, there are various back massagers that come with additional customization settings.
There are massagers that have speed and intensity settings. For example, on extra strenuous days, you may want a more intense massage while on relaxing days, gentle would be better.
So, if you want to customize it as per your requirements, you can also look out for these settings.

7. Automatic Back Massagers

Certain back massagers come with in-built timers. You need not have to worry about overspending your time as you can simply set a timer and relax.
Additionally, certain features like the automatic shutdown feature are extremely useful if you tend to forget to turn off the switches.

Unnecessary Things You May Ignore While Looking For Back Massagers

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of back massagers available in the market today in different shapes, sizes, and colors. However, there are certain things that are totally unneeded. You may see extravagant back massagers with extra features that are of no use. In fact, these features can cause more complications and make it hard to use. Things like bluetooth which can fail over time much faster than the actual unit. Unnessary timers, or software built into the massager tends to cause problems in the long run as well. There are many back massagers with fancy shapes and flashy colors that are pretty much useless too. Similarly, while it is important to stay within the budget, if you find a back massager, that you can afford, of good quality, high durability, and useful features, go for it. Consider it as a long-term investment. Remember it is always better to spend more now on a brand new quality machine rather than spending on multiple cheap back massagers with continuous repairs, zero efficiency & constant unit replacements.

Final Thoughts

Back massagers are extremely useful as they can reduce back pain, improve blood circulation, and relax your muscles. Due to this, it becomes essential to have a thorough check before buying any back massager.
After all, it is your choice, but we recommend not compromising on anything when it comes to your body’s health and strength.

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