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Back Massagers 101 is our free online series with information & guides to finding the correct back massagers for your use at home. We will be covering a range of topics in the series:

We will also be linking directly to other guides & informational posts from our website & other sources to help you gather information on making the correct purchase.

I want to be upfront : I am not a Doctor or a professional in any way shape or form. I'm just someone who was sick & tired of having a sore back. I am here to be serious, but do not take my words like I am a profressional. I am not.

Back Pain In The Morning

The Beginning

You’re most likely in the same position I am in: a sore back that needs a massage.

Working, playing, even sleeping can contribute to a sore / hurt back. It interferes with day to day life & a massage seems like something luxurious that maybe you can’t quite afford right this moment. Hopefully you haven't had a sore back for too long, but if you have, you're going to need a back massager ASAP. The goal of this series is for you to read it within an hour or two & have you picking the right back massager for you.

Why Invest In A Back Massager?

Firstly, they're not as expensive as you'd think. It's something you won't be replacing often & it's <$100. Making it less of an actual investment & more like a bigger than usual purchase. Making the purchase feels like an investment into yourself & your life because once you start using it, you feel a difference in yourself.


I could talk about back massagers for days like "they're the best things ever created" & that "everyone should own one in their home because it's going to change their life forever!!" Let's get real with each other: This is not going to fix your muscle pain / back ache / shoulders / neck / pain in general, overnight. You're going to start seeing relief in maybe 3-6 days, but that relief won't be permanent if you do not take care of your body at the same time. I think a 3+ month period is an appropriate length where you can actually see long term results & by continuing to take care of your back & body, you will feel better overall.

Handheld back massager being used on back while laying down

Back Massager Basics

These aren't very complicated items & don't require much know how - but when you look online for the first time there are tons of buzz words. In Series 105 : The Types, we go over all the basics of each type as well as a few basic & common terms used across the board. But first, what are the benefits to owning a back massager? Let's get started by going over The Advantages & Benefits in 102.

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