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When your back starts to ache, or your lower back muscles start to hurt when you bend over, it might be time to look into a back massager. Researching them can be almost as painful as the aches you’re feeling; but after you choose one you won’t regret it. I purchased my first back massager after I was working on my car & used the breaker bar to remove a stuck bolt from the lower control arm. Well I didn’t lift with my legs & my lower back on the left side was super tight when I stood up after the first yank on the breaker bar. What a terrible feeling. I spoke with my girlfriend & she said that massaging it out with her hands will help. Honestly it made it worse, but we won’t tell her that.

I didn’t want to go to a chiropractor & I was just going to let it heal itself. Terrible mistake. The first three days were terrible & seemed to get worse over time. I couldn’t fully rest because I had to be at work over the next couple days. Each day going by my back seemed worse. I finally decided to look into get a massage from a professional but they’re not cheap!!

Granted, it is a professional working on my back that has been trained for years on the topic of massaging a back... but that’s $100+ every time I hurt myself? Oof. I don’t know if I can justify that... “what about a back massager” I thought. So I went & did my research & found some great information. Almost too much information to really understand it all...

Choosing A Back Massager

There are so many different types of back massagers. Handheld, electro pulsing, specific muscle targeting, neck & back, chair massagers, the list goes on & on. It’s hard to make a decision with all that information. After thinking about it though I decided to go with an electric hand held that had vibrating & spinning heads on it.

I chose the handheld back massager because if I have a problem somewhere else on my back, or my neck, I can use it on both areas & more.

The first things I look for in a back massager is the materials used to make the item. Typically plastics are okay, but long term I look for something that has more materials than plastic. When the body of the massager is plastic, I do not mind. However making the main pieces like the head, the motor or trigger in cheap pieces of plastic are something I stay away from. I want the head of the back massager to be either a cushion or rubber / silicone. That way it does not hurt me or my muscles even more than they already are.

We also have our Back Massagers 101 Free Class to help explain what to look for in more detail!

Always Having A Way To Relax

Having a back massager for me, means always having a way to relax. After a long day at work, sitting in my office chair, I love going home to use my back massager. On my lower back it works WONDERS. & sometimes it’s what I look forward to before I even go into work.

Or the times I’ve worked on my car or my wife’s car to save money, then I use the breaker bar or ratchet & I still somehow mess up my shoulders or back. In comes my back massager to save the day.

Owning a back massager is something you don’t realize you need, until you have it.

Available To Anyone & Everyone

Back Massagers are available to anyone & everyone & it's something I have come to realize after owning one. I never noticed them in peoples homes when I'd go to visit, or in stores when I went to shop. But now I notice them everywhere! My own mother has two & I never even realized it!

Affordable back massagers, whether it's portable or fits on the back of your chair, they're luckily available everywhere. In physical stores & online to be shipped to your house. A back massager is significantly inexpensive compared to going to a professional even once a month.

I used to send my girlfriend to a massage spa & would spend $110 on 60 minutes of a deep tissue back massage. Once a month.

We purchased a portable back massager off Amazon for $45 & she hasn't been back since.

It's obviously not identical to the care & attention a human can give you when massaging you, but it's pretty close!

Use A Back Massager Whenever You Need It

I think one of the top qualities of owning a back massager at home is that you can use it whenever you need it. You no longer have to schedule an appointment with a masseuse or massage thereapist. No more going on Groupon to find the cheapest spa. No more whining when you hurt your back or pull a muscle.

Need a massage? Grab the back massager in your home or at work. Use it.

It didn't get all the aches & pains to go away? No worries, wait 30 minutes & use it again!

Knowing you can use it when you need it is a great quality of owning a back massager.

Back Massager Benefits & Why You Should Own One

A massage feels pretty good – and yet a huge chunk of the population has never been near a professional masseuse or spa and might never go. Access to a back massager at home means that you could have a shot at being in less pain, feeling less muscle stiffness and discomfort. You might even sleep better as a result.

The use of a back massager can be one of the best ways to help relieve muscle tension no matter what the underlying cause of it is.

In addition to this, back massagers are often the first recommended option after surgery or injury to the muscles.

There's a lot of research out there that tells us why massage is good for you, and there's no need for you to ever have to spend the money or time on a massage therapist to find out why.

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