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I know a large amount of people who have back problems, sore muscles or stiff limbs. Whether it's from work or an injury at home or due to age, it happens to us all. It's happened to me plenty of times! I've been working in retail since I was 18 & it puts quite the strain on your body, even at a young age. I had been researching products & discussing options with my family for months. Everyone was telling me to exercise before or after work, walk, eat better, rest more on the weekends, or my dad's favorite for everything : "drink water" & other things that don't really relate to how your muscles are tight.

The ideas & tips given are definitely related to your body as a whole feeling better, but when your muscles are tight or sore, those things don't always make them better. Everyone has tight muscles or soreness but a lot of people try to tackle them with the incorrect approach.

🎺 Bring in the massagers! 🎺

I feel like recently, massagers have been forgotten. Not one person in my family brought them up, not a friend, nor a co-worker. Then when I brought them up to everyone they have this epiphany of "oh yeah... I forgot about those!"

Maybe it's because finding a non-cheap & actually quality massager is hard at first. The cheap ones have over-taken the market it seems; but the good ones are out there!

We're not going to talk about the brands or anything in this post though. If you'd like to check out my recommendations, you can see them here.

Stress can even cause muscle aches, pains & soreness.
Stress can even cause muscle aches, pains & soreness.

Stress Is Probably the Biggest Contributor

Now if I had a way to get rid of stress I think I'd be a millionaire / billionaire. I'm stressed out of my mind & anxiety as over-written my brain... but that's a story for another day.

Many people have to deal with it, but how can a massager help?

Personally, for me, it helps me relax & I end up focusing more on the massager & the massage than I do my internal problems. Now obviously my stress & anxiety doesn't just vanish permanently afterwards. It just helps me not focus on it in that immediate time & tends to last after my massager.

Society's across time have been using massages to help alieviate stress & anxiety. Consistently through time, multiple civilizations have a long history of massaging for stress & anxiety, the benefits are also quite a long list. The open support from many professionals supports the view of massage therapy making a difference & reducing the effects of long-term stress & anxiety on our brains & skeletal systems.

Chronic Pain in adults is very common in all parts of the body.
Chronic Pain in adults is very common in all parts of the body.

Chronic Pain In The Body

Whether it's muscles, tendons, joints, or all three, massaging for 5-10 minutes a day can make a huge difference on the possible chronic pain you could be experiencing. Massaging tends to send pulses to & from our brain, then our nerves to mitigate the pain we're experiencing. With this information massaging is constantly being tested & studied for it's positive & negative effects on our bodies.

Arthritis & other chronic pains have shown great results after studies were conducted. Using a massager on your hands, your feet, your back, elbows, arms, pretty much anywhere, can have pain relieved by using a massager at home for less than 10 minutes a day, for a month. That's incredible.

Using a Percussion Massager can really help manage pain after working out for the first time! Or the hundredth!
Using a Percussion Massager can really help manage pain after working out for the first time! Or the hundredth!

Starting A New Workout Routine

I personally workout 3 days a week & I try to walk 5 miles everyday after work. I was & still kind of am one of those people who just doesn't like to workout. One of the main things that deterred me from going back to the gym in the beginning is the muscle pain. Sometimes it can be pretty extreme too if your muscles really aren't used to being pushed to their limits all of the sudden. Which let's be honest, who is used to that?

Even if you go to the gym everyday, you still have sore muscles. You push your muscles to the limit more often & may even switch up your routines to get the most out of your time at the gym. That's guaranteed to get great results but guaranteed to get sore muscles. Percussion massagers are my favorite when it comes to massagers for athletic focused individuals. Percussion massagers can get really deep into the muscles, tendons & joints & hit spots that another type of portable massager wouldn't be able to get to.

My other focus for athletic individuals would be a massager with heating elements & kneading elements as they can greatly increase blood flow & help remove knots from the muscles.


Massagers cover a wide range of issues related to the human body. Ranging from stress & anxiety all the way to chronic pain & just wanting more relaxation at home. Adding a massager of any kind can really elevate your day to day life, with just a short amount of time per day.

I think we're lucky to have this technology available to us so easily & we should take full advantage of it.

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