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At this point, we're all familiar with what it takes to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. We know how much to sleep, how much to walk, how much to eat, and the works. However, it's easier said than done - at least that's what we've convinced ourselves to believe. I wouldn't be here advocating for the benefits of massages, why you should incorporate a daily massager in your routine, and the different types of massagers had I not loved the results it had on me and my health after I added a daily massage to my wellness routine.

Let's start with the 'what.' A massage encompasses varying pressure and manipulating different areas of the body by pressing or squeezing them to relieve tension and muscle soreness. A massage targets your muscles, skin, and tendons. The concept isn't a new one. In fact, it dates back to the times of the Ancient Chinese when they'd incorporate massages as part of relieving tension and ailments.

Speaking of ailments, you might see the outward difference a massage can make based on a person's behavior. But it goes much deeper than that - a massage reduces your risk of contracting heart and liver disease, it battles osteoarthritis, and it improves your immune system.

I eventually got tired of holding my neck in pain and thinking to myself, 'I need a massage.' Which is why I went ahead and bought myself a massager. The massager is, quite literally, a godsend. Now, all I do is use it on any part of my body where I feel soreness for 5-10 minutes a day (before and after work) and I've never felt better.

Having established the history, benefits, and why I recommend getting a massager, here are the facts: the different types, the added benefits, and how long you need to massage your body for.

Stress adding up from work, personal life & relationships can really add up on the body.
Stress adding up from work, personal life & relationships can really add up on the body.

Should You Use A Massager Once or Twice Every Week?

I work in retail, probably one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. From the stress of managing customer complaints, lifting heavy boxes, and stocking up shelves every day I would go to bed in pain and wake up in just as much. However, I ascribed it to being 'normal' considering my eight-hour work schedule and constant workload.

Let it be known: Pain is never normal. You should never dismiss the pain that you feel because it's your body telling you that something's amiss. In my case, I soon found out that because of exhausting myself to a point where I was in constant pain, my backache was borderline chronic and I couldn't walk the stairs without panting. This was not normal.

Instead of the routine, "boy, do I need a massage." I actually got up and got myself a massager. The results speak for themselves, which is why I’m here today to advocate for why you should use a massager.

To start, you'll feel more active and healthy. Your mood won't be as gloomy anymore, and you might even fall in love with the daily hustle. On a deeper level, your bodily functioning will restore itself to normal by blocking stress hormones and producing 'happy' hormones in itself. If you have chronic back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain from sitting on your desk each day then there's nothing quite like a massager once or twice a week for 5-10 minutes!

A Heated Full Body Massager can make a huge difference in the way you work.
A Heated Full Body Massager can make a huge difference in the way you work.

The Benefits of a Massager At Home

If I could summarize in a sentence what having a massager at home has done for me, I’d say y body is thanking me constantly! Most people would dismiss the idea of having a massage daily or a massager at home as being overly-indulgent. It isn’t, it’s actually an investment that goes a long way in terms of health.

The benefits of it include; reduced muscle soreness, tension, and pain. Improved circulation, better moods, improved immune system, reduced stress, reduced acute and chronic pain. On a deeper level; reduced risk of contracting immune disorders, heart diseases, liver diseases, spinal injuries, myalgia, and fibromyalgia.

Percussion Massagers are perfect for getting deep, sore muscles & tendons.
Massaging for 5-10 minutes a day can really make a huge difference in your life.

How Long Should I Massage For?

Notwithstanding the obvious health benefits of a massage, it goes without saying that before indulging in one you need to contact a health specialist regarding any of your underlying ailments or conditions. A massage is therapeutic, but there's such a thing as too much of a good thing.

For example; a massage improves circulation by relieving tension. However, too long of a massage can lead to thinning of blood which in turn might manifest itself as hemorrhages and bruises owing to capillary leakage.

Data suggests that too much of 'happy' hormones and too little stress hormones can also be harmful. It might lead your body to feel weaker and yourself feeling unable to move. There are also certain types of massages such as percussion massages where intense pressure is applied. While the massage can temporarily relieve pain, it has longstanding effects if applied for too long or with too much pressure.

How can you overcome the health risks of a massage? First and foremost, contact a health expert (visit your regular doctor). Then, based on the area where you want a massage (back, neck, shoulders, abdomen, etc) study the mean times necessary for relieving acute or chronic pain.

To put it simply, acute pain is sudden in onset and sharper, but it resolves spontaneously as well. Chronic pain is gradual in onset, throbbing, and lasts for a longer period. Back pain, shoulder, and neck pain are usually chronic. Whereas abdomen pain, some forms of joint pain, etc are usually acute.

Furthermore, the massager that you're using should have the option of varying pressure based on needs and requirements. For example; on some days you might feel a little sore, and on some days you might not be able to move. Both conditions require different types of massages and varied pressure.


All in all, massages are great - and I'm a living testament to that fact. A massage has several health benefits including, but not limited to; better circulation, less pain, better mood, better immunity, reducing joint pain, reduced risk of heart diseases, and so on. Consult your regular doctor to understand how long of a massage is required for the sort of pain you're in and the location of it.